Parish Council Committees

The Council has three standing committees, which meet as required throughout the year:

Finance and Resources Committee

This committee oversees the cost-effective management of the Parish Council’s financial and human resources. It is responsible for finance and budget management, human resources, policies and procedures, payroll and pensions and staff performance and development.

The Finance and Resources Committee provides the financial link between the full Parish Council and the spending committees, i.e. Buildings & Open Spaces and Services. The Parish Council requires that these committees are held responsible for the development and the management of their individual budgets. This devolution of financial responsibility is intended to engender a greater feeling of ownership within the individual committees and lead to better value for the community.

Throughout the year the committee monitors expenditure to ensure probity and value for money, and to check that the rate of spend is in line with budgets. It provides for free and open discussion on all financial matters and the means to respond rapidly to any unforeseen problems.

This committee also looks after the public face of the Parish Council and its relationships with key stakeholders, ensuring that information is provided openly and that the public is aware of the council’s strategy, programme and delivery plans. It is responsible for media relations, publications and press releases, the martockonline website, business liaison and support and overseeing responses to questions, issues and complaints raised.

Buildings and Open Spaces Committee

This committee looks after the general maintenance of the village, its public buildings and its open spaces. It is responsible for all Parish Council owned buildings, streetscene and village maintenance, the main recreation ground, sports and play facilities, the churchyard the Parish Council’s allotments and all footpaths in the parish.

Services Committee

This committee oversees the delivery of Parish Council services to meet health, social and wellbeing needs. It is responsible for the Information Centre, the Job Club, youth services, seniors’ services, and Our Place Martock service coordination.


MPC Finance & Resources Terms of Reference

MPC Buildings & Open Spaces Committee Terms of Reference

MPC Services Committee Terms of Reference

MPC Personnel Sub-Committee terms of reference